The End of Ages

February 5th 2017 by Pastor John Tanyan. This message gives us perspective on the amazing time we are now living in.

Spiritual Gifts

Sunday January 22nd 2017 by Al Siblock and Pastor John Tanyan. This message talks about how spiritual gifts are used in the body of Christ.

The Joy of Giving

Sunday December 11th 2016 by Pastor John Tanyan. This message teaches on the abundance of joy that comes from Giving.


Sunday December 4th 2016 by Anny Chin and Pastor John Tanyan. This message talks about the amazing impact of Evangelism and how it impacts the...

Hearing God’s Voice

Sunday November 27th 2016 by Pastor Alexandra Tanyan talks about how vital it is for every Christian to pursue and hear God’s voice.

5th Anniversary – Thankfulness

Sunday November 13th 2016 This is a special service with messages by Pastor John and Alexandra Tanyan and members of True Life Fellowship Church...


October 30th 2016 by Astra Reyes, Jamila Shah and Pastor John Tanyan. This is a message about the power of prayer.

Obeying Holy Spirit

Sunday June 12 2016 by Sister Sol from the Bonnie Brae house, Los Angeles. Special Guest Sister Sol gives her testimony and her experiences with...

Seeking His Face

Sunday May 1st 2016 by Pastor John Tanyan. This message is about how we can know God by seeking His face.

Inheritance and Blessing – Part 3

Sunday December 9th 2012 by Pastor John Tanyan. The third part is a 3 part message titled Inheritance and Blessing.