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True Life Fellowship is a multicultural and inter-generational family church. It is a fellowship of believers who love to worship and honor the presence of God. It is a place where one can experience the Father's love, to find freedom and healing, and to discover one's true identity and destiny.

Our church is a member of Partners in Harvest, a family of churches. It is a network of people who are united in their passion for Jesus, in spreading the fire of God’s love, presence and healing throughout the nations

At the core of True Life Fellowship is a desire for every believer’s relationship with the Father to deepen to a greater intimacy and live knowing they are sons and daughters of the Kingdom, to share the Father’s heart with others and to carry His love into their neighborhoods, workplace, schools and homes. As we walk in the Father’s love, as His children, we release His Kingdom to invade our nation and the rest of the world!

Pastor John and Alexandra Tanyan

John is an ordained minister with Partners in Harvest. He graduated from Bible College and School of Psalmody International, and has experienced God’s grace, love and presence in amazing ways. Alexandra is also an ordained minister and holds a Masters in Ministry. Both John and Alexandra are gifted to minister and teach in a number of areas, including: encounter weekends with God, releasing the prophetic gifts, evangelism, true worship, embracing intimacy in His love, knowing God’s voice and inner healing.

John and Alexandra’s passionate desire is to see the body of Christ experience the Father’s love, to find freedom and to help others know their true identity and destiny. They want to see the church becoming ONE with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, individually and corporately just as Christ demonstrates to us, (John 17:21-23). They strongly believe in and invite the power of the Holy Spirit as they minister to people both internationally and cross-denominational.  John and Alexandra are joined with a team whose desire is to see the revival of the heart and the body of Christ equipped and launched into the great commission.

Al and Cindy

Children's ministry

Al and Cindy  have a heart for children desiring to see the love of Father God shining in each child’s life. Cindy has a warmth and compassion that flows from a heart full of the love of God and desires to see each child in Kid’s Ministry be blessed and fulfill all the adventures that God has prepared for them in their lives. Al is an ordained minister who has been a lifelong Christian ministering and serving in many areas within the church.

Astra Reyes

Pre-Teens and Youth ministry

Astra gave her life to Jesus at a young age and she believes that there is no such thing as being too young to serve God. Seeing her around children and youth, you can see her heart for them. She has a heart to see them walking in their full potential and in the character of Christ. She is currently working as a Toddler teacher at a daycare and has over 15 years of work and volunteer experience with youth and children.

Daniel Touma

Worship and Young Adult's ministry

Daniel is a graduate of the School of Ministry at Catch the Fire Toronto. He has a passion to see young people know their true identity, overflow with God’s presence and run towards their unique calling and destiny in Christ. Over the past 12 years Daniel has been a part of outreaches to Guyana, Peru, England and Canada.


As a Sunday school teacher at True Life Fellowship it is my privilege and responsibility to invest in our future pastor, preacher, teacher, prophets, worship leader etc. The Bible says that we must train up a child in the way they should go so that when they are older, they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). So the significance of what I do as a Sunday school teacher, affects their world and future. Every moment spent teaching, speaking, playing with these children, I am actively participating in their spiritual growth; therefore it is important for me to make sure every lesson planned is fun, at their level of understanding and based on Biblical truth


We have attended True Life Fellowship for 4 years and our marriage has been strengthened through the passionate ministering where we are encouraged by God's word. We have both received inner healing in our hearts that has enabled us to grow into a deep intimacy with the Lord and each other. Through our relationship with the True Life Fellowship body of believers, we carry the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, patience and self control.  We both felt the Father and Mother heart of God.  We are  loved as son and daughter and our love for each other went deeper as God loves his bride, the church.


The minute I walked into True Life Fellowship I had a knowing that He had directed me to this church. I did not realize, until I got connected through fellowship, that church is so much more than Sunday morning worship.  He helped me connect with the family of brother and sisters at TLF, where I can worship, pray, learn, grow and share life. I know that I cannot truly do what He has destined me to do unless I remain connected with the family of God that I found at TLF. I am truly blessed to call TLF my family.

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